The early bird

The URE13 is our latest all wheel driven racecar, ready to compete in the 2018 season.

URE13 3D view image

The holy trinity

The URE12 is our third all wheel driven racecar, competing in the 2017 season.

URE12 3D view image

The enhancement

The URE11 is our second four wheel driven racecar with improved components.

URE11 3D view image

The revolution

The URE10 is our first four wheel driven racecar.

URE10 3D view image

Fly away

The URE09 is our first car with an aerodynamic package.

URE09 3D view image

The diƫt

With the URE08, a weight reduction of no less than 45kg was realised.

URE08 3D view image

The power

A new, powerful and efficient powertrain was implemented in the URE07.

URE07 3D view image

The endurer

In order to save weight, a new chassis featuring a carbon fiber monocoque and a steel subframe was developed.

URE06 image

A new beginning

The URE05e became the first electric racecar in the BeNeLux.

URE05e image

Last of the breed

The URE05 was the last petrol driven car produced by URE.

URE05 image

The low one

Being a more conventional car with emphasis on driveability, the URE04 put us in the top 10 of the competition for the first time.

URE04 image

The name changer

From this time on FSRTE is known by our current name, University Racing Eindhoven.

URE03 image

The takeoff

The first actually driving car came home immediately with an award.

FSRTE02 image

The first

The FSRTE01 is our first car, built in 2003.

FSRTE01 image