The electric Formula Student competition was becoming increasingly stronger and to compete with the very top the URE07 was equipped with a very powerful and efficient electric motor and the best battery pack of the field. The development of the tires continued and in 2012 rain tires were developed. The result was a second place on the acceleration in England and a victory on the wet skid pad in Germany.

Technical specifications

Weight    247 kg
Length    2793 mm
Width    1400 mm
Height    991 mm
0-100 time    3.2 s

Front carbon fiber monocoque
Rear steel tubular space frame
Foam crash nose

Battery capacity    6.5 kWh
Battery voltage    385 V
Battery configuration    102S1P
Cell type    LiFePO4 pouch
Motor    YASA-750
Inverter    Sevcon Gen4Size8/Prodrive Custom
Power    50 kW nominal, 100 kW peak
Transmission    In-line single-stage planetary gearset with Drexler limited-slip differential, 1.6 reduction

Type    Full multi-link. Front pull-rod, rear push-rod actuated KONI 2612 custom valving dampers
Trackwidth    front 1180 mm , rear 1139 mm
Wheelbase    1535 mm
Wheels    15" ENKEI/custom CFRP Aluminum
Tires    195/40R15 Vredestein customs, custom rain tire profile
Brakes    Front 4 piston, rear 2 piston callipers, adjustable bias, custom brake discs

MoTeC ADL3 dashboard and data acquisition system
Self-developed Battery Management System & HV board
Digital fuse box
Wireless tire data


FSUK 2012 - Overall 27/102 - Silverstone
1st place Cost class E
2nd place Acceleration

FSG 2012 - Overall 4/32 - Hockenheimring
1st place Skidpad

Team members

Thomas Hafkamp - Team
Jorrit Goos - Chassis & Suspension
Wouter van Buul - Powertrain & Electronics
Bas Haansbergen - Finance
Jorrit Goos
Mark Tullemans
Len Rijvers
Guy Tillemans
Tim van Vliet
Laszlo Porkolab
Rudy Geelen
Wouter van Buul
Tom Bruls
Koen Diesveld
Guy Tillemans
Rafael Garayoa
Johan van Uden
Rafael Garayoa
Erik den Haan
Wouter van Buul
Roy Cobbenhagen
Gerasimos Drakatos
Bram van de Schoot
Erik Donkers
Rajiv Hemani
Carlos Robles
Sjoerd Knippenberg
Bart Beenker
Mathijs de Jong
Tom Bakker
Jorrit Goos
Robbin van Hoek
Tim Jansen
Tom Bakker
Thomas Hafkamp
Stijn van Dooren
Arjan van der Linden
Joni Driessen
Bas Haansbergen
Peter van der Voort
Willian Bens
Gerlof Zuidema
Test Team
Jeroen Knippenberg
Jorrit Goos
Bouke Haarsma
Sander Kemna
Sten van Rijk
Ruben Evens
Wouter van Buul
Erwin Dekkers
René Henselmans
4M170 Minor DMS
Mark Tullemans
Bart van Hal
Michel Legius
Dennis Willemsen
Teun Zwaans
Joris Remmers
Bachelor Thesis
Arjan de Visser
David Duwaer
Tom Bruls
Robbin van Hoek
Tim Staps
Master Thesis
Sten van Rijk
Michiel Janssen
Tom Bakker
Tim Bouwens
HBO Thesis
Murat Bekdemir
Niels Biemans
Guy Tillemans
Michel Legius
Robbin van Hoek
Tom Bakker
Simon Kregting
URE05e Maintenance
Erik den Haan
URE04 Maintenance
Jeroen van Bellen
Tom Bakker
University Representatives
Erwin Meinders
Wim Thirion
Rafael Garayoa
Prodrive Inverter Project
Johan Lucas
Marijn Hummelink
Tim Staps
Cas Bakker
Niels van de Meugheuvel
Tim ter Huurne
Patrick Bens
Rafael Garayoa
Wouter van Buul
URE08 Class2 Team
Bart van Hal
Michel Legius
Laura van Heijst
Robbin van Hoek
Monica Theunissen
Zjelko Parfant
Tim Vermeer

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