After the success of the previous cars, the next big improvement will be the implementation of a fourwheel drive! Because this change in powertrain topology calls for a totally new car concept, the team started the development of the URE10 six months earlier than usual. As a first milestone, they participated in the Class 2 event at Formula Student UK in the summer of 2015. This also lead to the first victories of the URE10. They received not only the prize for the best design, but also for the overall concept!

Technical specifications

Weight    198 kg
Length    2925 mm
Width    1356 mm
Height    1155 mm
0-100 time    2.3 s

Downforce    61 kg @ 60km/h
Dragforce    14 kg @ 60km/h
Drag Reduction System on rear wing
Floating front & rear wing

Full carbon fiber monocoque
CFRP Crash nose

12 way digital fusebox, settable via CAN
Self-developed 300W DC/DC converter
Live Telemetry via WiFi

Control Software
State of Charge estimation
Lap detection algorithm
Powerlimit controller
Electronic Torque Vectoring Differential
Traction control

Motor    4x Custom URE/AE PMSM
Motorcontroller    2x Custom URE/Prodrive dual inverter
Max power    140 kW
Max torque    4x 400 Nm
Battery capacity    7.0 kWh
Final Drive    12;1 reduction

Type    Unequal length double wishbone, pushrod actuated
Tires    205/50R10 custom Apollo R&D
Trackwidth    1180/1139 mm (F/R)
Wheelbase    1535 mm


FSUK 2014 - Overall 1/21 Class 2 - Silverstone
1st place Engineering Design
3rd place Cost and Sustainability

FSG 2015 - Overall 19/39 - Hockenheimring

FSA 2015 - Overall 16/18 - Red Bull Ring
1st place Cost and Manufacturing

FSS 2015 - 8/30 Overall - Circuit de Catalunya
2nd place Efficiency

Team members

Sjoerd Knippenberg - Team & Operations
Torben Beernaert - Powertrain & Control Software
Tim Hogervorst - Aerodynamics & Electronics
Lennard Katan - Chassis & Suspension
Lennard Katan
Willian Bens
Jorrit Goos
Gordon Haring
Tim Vermeer
Tim Hogervorst
Lars Hermans
Robbin van Hoek
Bas Houben
Tim Josten
Jesse Koenders
Joey Reinders
Tim Hogervorst
Max Alden-Montague
Tim Beckers
Freek Berendsen
Thomas Borrias
Dennis van den Brandt
Jos van Hees
Bart Kienhuis
Bram van der Pol
Glenn Smeulders
Nikky Stoffels
Dennis van de Vorst
Frithjof van Wylick
Torben Beernaert
Bjork van der Donk
Bouke Haarsma
Wesley Jeurissen
Oscar Meijer
Zjelko Parfant
Mayk Thewessen
Harm van der Velden
Niels Vonk
Bart Zeelen
Lennard Katan
Oscar Scholle
Bas van den Beuken
Kevin Dang
Menno van Tongeren
Thijn Verburg
Erik Vermunt
Luc Worms
Control Software
Torben Beernaert
Sil Schouten
Kevin Kruijt
Bouke Haarsma
Sjoerd Knippenberg
Torben Beernaert
Martin Brochard
Thomas Hafkamp
Juriaan Moonen
Rob Neggers
Sanir Pasalic
Lisa Timmers
Thom Wijshoff
Sophie van Aken
Diego van der Horst

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