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Newsletter - April '20
April 2020
Needless to say, the coronavirus affects us all...
Newsletter - March '20
March 2020
The COVID-19 outbreak has affected everyone, and Formula Student is no exception to this...
Newsletter - February '20
February 2020
This month, a lot of work went into the production of the monocoque, as well as various other parts...
Newsletter - January '20
January 2020
We started off the new year strong: after finishing all of the preparation work, the monocoque production was started...
Newsletter - December '19
December 2019
The transition to the new year also marks an important transition at URE, moving from the design phase into the production phase...
Newsletter - November '19
November 2019
As the days are getting shorter, and the start of the monocoque production is getting nearer and nearer, we kept ourselves busy this month...
Newsletter - October '19
October 2019
Another month in, the team is in full design-mode! Everyone is now working on the parts which will eventually make up the URE15...
Newsletter - September '19
September 2019
This month we started up again with a new board and a new team. Although we just got started...
Onto The Next
Roundup 2019 Season
An entire year of work. Over 50 students working together from September to August. For one thing: the URE14.
Innovation Origins
Formula Student Germany – de talentenpool voor de autoindustrie
Newsletter - June '19
June 2019
It is go time. In only a few days, we will travel to our first race. Read on to see how our last month of preparations went...
Innovation Origins
Autonomous racing car from URE: “replacement of the human factor in traffic, for more safety”.
Apex Dynamics
Newsletter - May '19
May 2019
The last month before the Car Presentation. Preparations are fully underway...
Newsletter - April '19
April 2019
A design presentation, a finished monocoque and more, April was busy...
Newsletter - March '19
March 2019
What a month was March. A lot has happened, a lot has produced. It was madness, but in a good way...
3D Print Magazine
Geïntegreerde koeling verhoogt prestaties elektromotor
March 2019
Newsletter - February '19
February 2019
The production phase speeds up! More and more components are being produced, and the preparations for the races are also already underway...
TU/e Cursor
January 2019
URE maakt eerste meters met autonome racewagen
January 2019
Studenten Eindhoven bouwen zelfrijdende raceauto
Newsletter - January '19
January 2019
They have arrived, this month, we realized two cars...
Newsletter - December '18
December 2018
A month filled with design decisions and even with a won award...
Newsletter - November '18
November 2018
A month until Christmas. A month until we will start laminating the monocoque...
Newsletter - October '18
October 2018
Everything starts to settle, the team starts designing. You could say that everything has started rolling smoothly...
Newsletter - September '18
September 2018
In September, a new team started. A new season, a new team. Also, a chance in concept...
Newsletter - August '18
August 2018
In July and August, the URE13 participated in the race season...
URE has been pushing boundaries for fifteen years
June 2018
The automotive student teams at TU/e are the publicity and technological showpieces of the university. For years now...
Newsletter - June '18
June 2018
In June we drove 461 kilometers for testing with the URE13. Besides that we participated in...
Goeie Zaken
May 2018
Wij zijn geen simpel studententeam
May 2018
URE op koers voor competitief jubileumjaar
Eindhovens Dagblad
May 2018
Elektrisch racen rondom fietsenstalling op 18 Septemberplein Eindhoven
May 2018
Onthulling van de URE13
May 2018
Studenten TU/e presenteren nieuwe elektrische auto
Apex Dynamics Blog
May 2018
Vooruitblik op Formula Student races van University Racing Eindhoven
Newsletter - May '18
May 2018
There she finally is, our newest and most advanced race car, the URE13! In this newsletter we will re-live the unveiling event…
Newsletter - April '18
March 2018
Last month, the design of URE13 has been unveiled and besides that the URE13 has driven its first meters on the dynamometer! Read more details below...
Newsletter - March '18
March 2018
After the monocoque has been finished, the assembling phase has been entered wherein...
Newsletter - February '18
February 2018
Major production progress has been made this month. Read more about the progress on the URE13 and the driverless car in our newsletter below.
February 2018
“Dankzij MCB kunnen we voor onze raceauto makkelijk onderdelen ontwikkelen."
Newsletter - January '18
January 2018
January was an important month for us, as the registration quizzes of the Formula Student events took place, which...
TU/e Cursor
January 2018
URE returns to Germany and debuts in Hungary
January 2018
Eindhovense studenten bouwen eerste autonome racewagen van de Benelux
Newsletter - December '17
December 2017
After a successful 2017, we wish everyone all the best for 2018. May 2018 bring you even more accelerating experiences and exhilarating success!
Eindhovens Dagblad
December 2017
Studenten uit Eindhoven bouwen zelfrijdende elektrische raceauto
Newsletter - November '17
November 2017
The end of 2017 is getting closer while more and more parts are already in production...
Newsletter - October '17
October 2017
October was filled with designing, designing and more designing, but besides that...
Newsletter - September '17
September 2017
Starting the season
TU/e Cursor
September 2017
URE bouwt 'eerste autonome racewagen van de Benelux'
Top Gear Magazine
September 2017
URE bouwt 'eerste autonome racewagen van de Benelux'
Newsletter - August '17
August 2017
Promising season ahead!
FSA Race Newsletter
August 2017
Recap of Formula Student Austria
FSN Race Newsletter
July 2017
Recap of Formula Student Netherlands
TU/e Cursor
July 2017
TU/e-raceteam URE pakt podium en prijzen in Assen
May 2017
wrijvingsloze tandwielen voor University Racing Eindhoven
TU/e Cursor
May 2017
URE showt nieuwe racewagen in DAF-museum
Eindhovens Dagblad TV
May 2017
TU/e presenteert nieuwe racewagen
Automotive Congress 2017
May 2017
Automotive Congress 2017 in Helmond
Metaal Nieuws
May 2017
Supergladde tandwielen voor elektrische raceauto
Handels Courant
May 2017
Rösler - Dutch Made - Automotive
May 2017
Rösler - Dutch Made - Automotive
Newsletter - URE12 Rollout
May 2017
The URE12 is unveiled!
Eindhovens Dagblad
May 2017
Studententeam TU/e onthult elektrische racewagen in DAF Museum
TU/e Cursor
April 2017
Article about master’s student Automotive Martijn van der Drift, who graduated on a new control strategy.
Powertrain Collaboration
April 2017
Article about our powertrain on the AE-group website.
AutoMotive Week '17
March 2017
URE geeft mini-college aerodynamica en voertuigdynamica.
TU/e Cursor
March 2017
URE mikt op winst in Assen met geoptimaliseerde URE12.
March 2017
Eindhovens Universiteitsteam URE presenteert nieuw design elektrische raceauto.
March 2017
Eindhovens Universiteitsteam URE presenteert nieuwe auto.
Newsletter - March '17
March 2017
The URE12 is coming
Newsletter - February `17
February 2017
URE12 Design Special
TU/e Cursor
January 2017
URE hoopt op start raceseizoen op eigen bodem.
EVOdays Techblog
January 2017
Technical feature on the EVOdays website.
Newsletter - January '17
January 2017
The centerpiece, start of the twelve
SAP Showcase
December 2016
Article about the showcase in cooperation with our partner McCoy.
Newsletter - December '16
December 2016
Finishing up and starting the production
VNSG magazine
December 2016
Aticle about the dashboard made in cooperation with our partner McCoy.
Newsletter - November '16
November 2016
Start of the Chassis
TU/e Cursor
October 2016
URE houdt vast aan concept, betrouwbaarheid raceauto voorop.
Newsletter - October '16
October 2016
Design, Test, Manufacture
Newsletter - September '16
September 2016
A new beginning
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