Technical specifications

Our first ever convertible car, capable of driving without and with a driver, allowing it to compete in both the Driverless class as in the Electric class.
Weight    204 kg
Length    2928 mm
Width    1413 mm
Height    1175 mm
0-100 time    2.3 s

Downforce    62 kg @ 60km/h
Dragforce    23 kg @ 60km/h
Drag Reduction System on rear wing

Two-piece, top and bottom half, CFRP Sandwich Structure with aluminum honeycomb core. In-house laminated using pre-impregnated carbon fibers.

14-way digital fusebox, settable via CAN
Live Telemetry via WiFi
Smart Display in steering wheel
Custom live telemetry dashboard

Control Software
Electronic Velocity Vectoring Differential
State of Charge estimation
Power limit controller
Wheel speed Control

Motor    4x Custom URE/AE PMSM
Motor controller    Custom URE/Prodrive quad inverter
Max power    140 kW
Max torque    4x 400 Nm
Battery capacity    7.5 kWh
Final Drive    12;1 compounded planetary gears set

Front    Unequal double wishbone, pushrod actuated
Rear    Equal double wishbone, pushrod actuated
ARS    Anti-roll bar with flex blades
Dampers    Low-speed adjustable KONI F1
Tires    205/50R10 custom Vredestein R&D
Trackwidth    1180/1139 mm (F/R)
Wheelbase    1535 mm
Braking    Custom brake discs
©️FSG - Haertl


FS Netherlands 2019 - Electric - Overall 3/21 - TT Assen
3rd place Engineering Design
2nd place Endurance
1st place Efficiency

FS Italy 2019 - Driverless - Overall 5/8 - Autodromo Riccardo Paletti
1st place Cost

FS Germany 2019 - Electric - Overall 5/39 - Hockenheimring
3rd place Cost
4th place Skid Pad
5th place Endurance

Team members

Dion Engels - Chief Executive Officer
Pascal Ruwen - Chief Mechanical and Drivetrain
Aris van Ieperen - Chief Electronics, Software and Powertrain
Rense Nijenkamp - Chief Autonomous Systems and Control
Marco Jonkers - Chief Vehicle Dynamics and Testing
Bram Backhuijs
Dennis De Niel
Tom Oosterholt
Ralf Reinartz
Max van Ijsseldijk
Autonomous Systems
Rody Aerts
Guus Bauwens
Guus Engels
Dennis Gubbels
Jesse Koenders
Richard Nusselder
Alex Ummelen
Teun Urselmann
Dennis van den Brandt
Tijs van der Smagt
Niels Vervaet
Danny Scheffer
Bram Smolenaars
Wouter Doelman
Sieuwe Elferink
Lars Leemans
Sanjay Dinker
Vignesh Gowrisankar
Tom Heinen
Nino Messaoudi
Yash Sinha
Thom Wijshoff
Cost Report
Max van Riel
Danny Scheffer
Wouter Doelman
Vaibhav Pilli
Electronics and Software
Josh Claessen
Raymond de Groot
Tymek Feldman
Niek Kesteloo
Shane Pereira
Gina Sprenger
Thibeau Teuwen
Dennis van den Brandt
Jeroen Verbong
Operations & PR
Lars Hak
Carla Meijer
Bram Smolenaars
Bart Verrijt
Wouter Andriesse
Matthis De Lange
Arvind Desikan
Joep Jacobs
David Matos
Len Schoemakers
Rohan Jikar
Vehicle Dynamics
Elise Levert
Lars Mulder
Wenger Pwa
Advisory Alumni
Willian Bens
Bjork van der Donk
Lars Hermans
Lennard Katan
Sjoerd Knippenberg
Rob Neggers
Zjelko Parfant
Teun Pijs
Advisory Commission
dr. ir. Bas Vermulst
ir. Robbin van Hoek
Advisory Board
dr. ir. Igo Besselink
dr. ir. Joris Remmers
ir. Korneel Wijnands
ir. Erwin Dekkers

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